Dopey Training Week 2

This past weekend saw the end of training week 2 of 18 for Disney’s Dopey Challenge.  This was basically an “off” week after last week’s “on” week.  In fact, the weekend only called for 7 miles on Saturday and cross training on Sunday.  And halleluiah, I think fall has finally arrived round these parts.  We actually got some rain at the tail end of last week.  Seems like it’s been months since it has.  We’re still far from being out of our drought, but it was nice to finally see some wet stuff fall from the sky.  And a byproduct of the rain were some cooler temps for once!  It went from being 97 one night to 67 a morning later.  So needless to say, my 7 miler felt like a breeze!!!  I actually found myself wishing it was a higher mileage week just so I could run in the cooler temps!  But I’m trying to be smart and stick to the plan.

Who put a cartoon character in charge of a major race?

Who put a cartoon character in charge of a major race?

After the early morning run, I did what I did last year at this time and went to cheer the Addison, TX Oktoberfest 5k.  I had a few friends running the race, but also a few thousand of people I don’t know, but I really enjoy cheering for runners in races that I’m not running – I don’t get many chances to because usually I can’t stand being at a race if I’m not racing it, but this one is different.  You see, the runners (and spectators) get free Paulaner beer.  Yeah we do!

My friend wore lederhosen during the race, so we decided to celebrate.

My friend wore lederhosen during the race, so we decided to celebrate.

All the runners floated ALL the kegs, so the Saturday morning party was over by 11am.  Oh well.  On Sunday, for my cross training I went to yoga.  I usually run trails too, but figured it bee too muddee after the rain, so I took it as a sign to get a little extra rest.  B to the W, yoga was plenty of work in itself.  Our instructor kicked our downward facing booties.  I’m pretty sore today from it.  But it’s still a good feeling, ya know?  In addition, I cranked out some yardwork, which can be a workout in itself.

All in all, a good recovery weekend.  This week we’re back at it.  3 miles Tues, 5 miles (with hills) Wed, 3 more Thurs, 4 more Sat, and a fun 14 on Sunday.  There will also be a few weight training sessions throwed in there.

Hope your runs are going well too!  It was a BIG racing weekend around the country – let me hear how ya did!


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2 thoughts on “Dopey Training Week 2

  1. TartanJogger

    Looking forward to hearing all about your prep for the Dopey Challenge: I’m hoping to sign up for 2015!

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