Project Run 214 – Training Bonus #1

I’m part of a true grassroots run training group.  Project Run 214.  We’re small right now, but most start-ups are.  I am really excited to be a coach and taking part of this group.  We’ve had countless meetings over the past year in preparation for launching this group.  We wanted to make sure it was a well rounded training program.  It’s no secret that to be a runner, you have to do more than just run.  If you want to prevent injuries, you better be doing other stuff.  Yes, we have the weekend long run that almost every other training group has, but we also have some bonuses throughout the week/program…and guess what?  It’s all included in the price of the program!  Like I said, we really want this to be a well rounded program that strives to prevent the typical injuries that most runners get!

Today I’m going to write about one of these bonuses our members get as part of PR214.  Later on I’ll post about other bonuses.  But the focus today is on cross training sessions.  Last night we met at a track.  The workout included some track work, but also some resistance strength training.  Various lunges, dumbell work, core work, etc.  If you’re not doing strength work as part of your run training, you’re setting yourself up for a greater chance of injury.  You’re also risking cramping, as some cramping is a result of weak muscles.  You want strong muscles and bones and joints and such to help carry your body over the course of your race.  You should be doing this on your own, but by making various sessions part of our program, we can ensure that you’re actually doing it!  No person left behind!

Some of our group doing some of their exercises.

Some of our group doing some of their exercises.

Anyway, that’s bonus #1.  There are lots of other exciting bonuses, including different cross training sessions…but I’ll get to them later.  Personally myself, I like to lift weights, yoga, trail run, play soccer, and occasionally swim or ride my bike.  What kind of cross training do you enjoy?

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2 thoughts on “Project Run 214 – Training Bonus #1

  1. And *who* wasn’t cross-training so they could take those photos :-)? I know, I know…parent duty.

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