Disney Dopey Training Week 4

So I finished week 4 of my unofficial Dopey training, and it was supposed to be an easy “off” weekend.  The plan called for rest on Friday, 5 miles on Saturday, and cross train on Sunday.  I handled the rest day like a champ!  Ha.  Saturday I met with some peeps and we ran 5.5 in the early morn humid heat.  I felt pretty good though and wanted to do more, but I figured the plan was there for a reason, and I should stick to it.  Plus I knew I was doing yard work when I got home, and that would be a workout in itself.  And it WAS.  5-6 straight hours of mowing, trimming, edging, weeding, and dog poop picking upping.  Speaking of which – I have a question:  The dogs are fed the exact same thing every single day, so why is every single land mine they drop completely different from the others.  I won’t get into details, but there is a huge difference in shape, color, consistency, texture, etc.  What gives?  Anyway, by the end of the day, I. Was. Exhausted.  To give you an idea of how hawt and schwetty I was, I had to go inside and change clothes and rinse off halfway through the yard work because I was that disgusting.

Sunday I was going to get up and go for a trail run, but my entire body was sore and aching.  I decided to stick to yoga for my cross training.  And let me say, it was not an easy class.  That difficulty and variety is why I go to this particular class, but man we were workin it!  I had puddles of sweat surrounding my mat, and my mat was completely soaked as well.  I had to stretch it out in the trunk on the way home hoping it would dry out.  That was followed by a long doggy walk and a little more yard work.

Doesn't seem so bad on paper...right?

Doesn’t include the cross training I also do during the week.

So my “easy” “off” weekend had left me completely sore and wiped out.  I know this because I heading to the shower last evening around 7 or 8pm and decided to just lay on the bed for a quick minute.  I didn’t wake up until this morning.  Guess I needed that!

On to week 5 of my unofficial training.  It culminates with a weekend back to back of 3 and 12 miles.  Bring it!

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2 thoughts on “Disney Dopey Training Week 4

  1. That doesn’t sound like much of a rest weekend to me!

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