Running: Good Days vs Bad Days

I had a conversation with a friend recently who was frustrated because her last run did not go well.  She took it as a sign that she wasn’t in the shape she thought she was.  She was upset that all her previous training seemed to have failed her.

But here’s the deal:  Some days you’ve just got it, other days you don’t.  You can’t let it upset you when you have a bad day, because chances are your next run will be a good one!

I thought about this on this morning’s run.  I felt tired, sluggish, and my legs were heavy.  Yesterday’s run I felt energized, springy, and light.  I know that there are factors that can affect how you feel during a workout: diet, sleep, weather, etc. etc.  But here’s the thing, some days when I think I’ve done everything right leading up to it, I still have a “bad” run.

This doesn’t just go for running, but all sorts of working out.  The same way some days I can run faster and further than I did the other day, I can also lift more weights, play more soccer, or yoga more yoga on some days than I can on others.

So when you have a bad run, don’t let it bother you too much.  Everybody has them, you’re not alone.  The important thing is that you still get it done!  You always will feel better afterwards!

Just hope that come race day you have one of the “good” runs!

Ya heard?

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4 thoughts on “Running: Good Days vs Bad Days

  1. yah i heard dat lol

    no, but seriously. its frustrating to have “bad runs” but it happens to all of us!!

    • Haha, I’m glad you were able to understand my totally hip terminology! Lol

      But yeah, just look at Michael Jordan…some games he scored 50, some he scored 12, it’s the same for everyone!

  2. Thanks for that reminder!

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