Dopey Training Week 1 – Hot Running

So my unofficial Dopey training kicked off last week.  The highlight being the weekend’s back-to-back.  Saturday the sched called for only 3 miles.  I did it, no prob.  Then I got online and saw all the posts from my friends who had done their training’s long run that day and all the comments were how horrible, hot, humid, and horrible it was for them.  I thought it wasn’t so bad.  But then again, I only ran 3.  I found out what they meant Sunday morn.  I had to run ten miles and got up early to do it.  They were right, it was horrible.

I was so sweaty, it was plain disgusting.  I was soaked.  And the sweat running down my legs into my shoes didn’t help much.  Each step squished.  I left footprints from my we shoes.  Each one must’ve weighed about 5 lbs.  It was yuck.  Add to that that we ran in a particular hilly part of town, and also I decided to go to yoga after Saturday’s run (and the instructor kicked our buttbutts), so my legs felt heavy.  Not my best performance on the road.

But with determination and help from a friend, I got through it.  And I know I’m stronger for it.  I know running up all those hills helped make me stronger, and running in the inescapable heat should make me stronger as well.  But I must say, I cannot wait for the cooler temps.  It’ll be nice to run when it doesn’t feel like the air is vegetable soup.  But living where we do, not much we can do about it now, so gotta get through it.  But I must say, more power to those who live here and are training for a fall marathon.  If you’re running really high mileage in this weather, that’s gotta be even tougher.  Luckily my mileage doesn’t really start to increase until the fall, which can still be hawt, but hopefully not as hawt.

Anyway, that’s all I got right now.  On to week two!

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