Race Preview: The Beer Mile

This is something runners do apparently…even elite runners have been known to take on this challenge (much more common than I assumed).  I have never done it.  There is one tonight with Thursday Night Social Run.  I am thinking about trying it.  I’m curious how I’d do.  But let me break it down for you.

First, you drink a beer, then run a quarter mile, repeat until you reach a mile.  The first one to finish wins.  So that means you have to run fast and drink fast.

I’ve already worked out today and will want to get some extra miles in before the race so my legs won’t be fresh, but hey, it’s my first time at this kind of event so automatic PR!

I think beer choice will be key.  I could go for some glorified water (mic ultra), but I think I should drink a real beer.  I’m thinking Guinness.  Now I know some people think of Guinness as a meal, and it can be but I like it.  I find it smooth and much less carbonated than other beers.  I think the lower the carbonation, the better for this race.  And I have won a couple Guinness chugging contests, so that could come in handy.  Now sprinting a quarter after doing so, that’s another story.

And besides…..

If a sign says it, it must be true!

If a sign says it, it must be true!

The other key will be drinking it from a cup, because if you try to drink from a can or bottle, not enough air gets in there fast enough to push the liquid into your mouth.  See, I’m a scientist.  Not really.  Creative types don’t usually like sciency stuff.  BTW, don’t ask me how I know that trick, that’s a story for another day.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got.  Not sure what to expect, but hopefully it will be fun!


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2 thoughts on “Race Preview: The Beer Mile

  1. Have fun tonight! I didn’t think that beer mile rules allowed you to drink from a cup – I thought it had to be a can.
    I had been talking with some friends of mine about doing a beer mile sometime. I saw that the TNSR were holding one, but we collectively agreed that a beer mile in summer in Texas would be bad news (I know I’d be guaranteed to vomit).

    • You’re probably right about the cup rules. I also heard that everyone is supposed to drink the same beer. But this was a little informal and all they said was BYOB, start with beers on the table, and time starts when they say go I was not the fastest runner there, but still finished 2nd. My ability to not puke saved me! Many others dropped out. Come on out next time!

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