Weekend Workouts

It’s Monday and I’m tired.  I still went to the gym today, but it was a pretty weak showing (literally).  I’m just plum worn out.  I guess my plan to make myself always tired and sore as a way to prepare for the Dopey Challenge is taking a toll today.  I didn’t do anything too crazy, but I think the months of working out basically nine times per every seven days has worn on me…but maybe it’s just for today.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel springy again.

Anyway, this weekend I met with a group to run 8 hilly humid miles on Saturday.  On Sunday I only managed to run 4 humid miles because I had to get to yoga practice.  I had a hard time at yoga.  The hardest part believe it or not was doing anything that required shoulder strength.  This is something that I think most runners don’t realize…you use a lot of shoulder muscles on your runs, not just your leg ones.  Constantly swinging your arms for hours on end wears them down too.  That’s why I always make sure to include shoulder exercises in my cross training and shoulder stretches after my runs.

Anyway, I think today’s tiredness is a combo from constant workouts plus housework/yardwork plus chasing two toddlers around all weekend.  Oh, plus the heat.  Yeah, the heat makes a difference in working out outdoors.  Still trying to acclimatize to it.  But no matter how much I do, I know that it slows me down.  I recently read that for ever 5 degrees over 60 that your pace slows like 30 seconds per mile.  Not sure of the exact numbers on that stat, but it’s something like that.

Anykitandkaboodle, we also had our 1 year old’s birthday party.  I must say, in the last year she’s grown at least a foot.  At this rate she’ll be like 20 feet tall in college.  Yowza!

Gotta run (not literally (today))!

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