Accountability, Social Run & Rest Day (Yay!)

So accountability is a big B.  I know it’s a good thing cause it makes you TCB, but it can be a bit brutal when your in the middle of it.  Case in point, on my track workout the other day, we were doing 4oo’s in the afternoon Texas sun.  The plan was to do 6, but after 3 I was feelin’ it.  I would’ve probably stopped at 4 if I had been on my own…but I wasn’t, so I didn’t.  And last night at the social run, it was even brutaler.  100 degrees.  And I was already tired from the afternoon weight session.  In the middle of the 4 mile run, I thought about turning back and making it a 3 miler.  But then I remembered that I had already told people and the internet that I was doing 4, so I had to.

If you can, run with other people.  Post your workouts online before you do them.  Etc. Etc.  That will give you the extra motivation when you’re ready to quit.  Lesson accomplished.

Speaking of last night’s run.  It was hawt, but fun.  Pretty good turn out.  Got to see some people I hadn’t seen in a while, and got to make new friends.  Ann and Pepsi saved a baby bird.  The post race craft beers were just the thing.  Good food.  Good times.

Some of the group last night.  I'm doing my best pole dance.

Some of the group last night. I’m doing my best pole dance.

Now today is Friday.  Currently my one rest day.  I’ll take it.  Back at it on the streets in the morning.  Bring it!  Dopey Challenge in 7 months!

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