Abby’s Run for Dandy-Walker Syndrome Preview

So my friend Ann also has another friend.  That friend has a little girl named Abby.  Abby has Dandy-Walker Syndrome.  What is D-W Syndrome?  Here’s a description taken from the Abby’s Run website:

“Dandy-Walker Syndrome is a birth defect that affects 1 in every 2,500 babies that are born living, like Abby. It is a brain malformation at the back of the brain which affects the cerebellum. The cerebellum is responsible for motor functions, movement, co-ordination, motor control, attention, sensory perception, mental imagery, and language functions to name a few. There is no cure.

Basically a large part of what should be her brain is fluid instead.  Needless to say she needs lots of medical care.

So to help raise funds for research, Ann and her friend founded Abby’s Run.  It is a 5k taking place in Frisco, TX.  This is a passionate cause for Ann, and I’d like to help, so I registered to run!

Proof that Ann helped me finish.  Get it? Proof? Come on.

Proof that I actually do know Ann – here’s a picture of us running.  (I’m the one in black)

I hope to do well in this race.  I haven’t been doing any track work, but I have been running around a 7:30 pace in my 3-5 mile weekday runs.  I hope that translates to a good finishing time come racing day.  Either way, it should be fun and knowing that some other friends will be there will make it even more so.  And like I said it’s all for a good cause!

I’ll post a race recap after the fact, as it’s pretty difficult to post a recap before the fact.

Best of luck to all involved!

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