Long Run and Harlem Shake

So tomorrow is the last long run before the Dallas Rock n Roll Half.  I think we taper the next week, so that will be nice.  We’ve been training some runners who will be running their first ever half marathon, and I’m really excited for them.  I know they’ll do great!

In the mean time, when I’m not running, I’m a TV/Movie producer/editor/writer/shooter/director/actor/etc.  And a few weeks back we put together a Harlem Shake video.  I know what you’re thinking – Another one?!?!  But we think ours is unique as it stars senior citizens and a celebrity or two.  See if you can spot the celebs, oh and see if you can spot my cameo!

Here’s a hint.  The celebs are Burton Gilliam from Blazing Saddles, Honeymoon in Vegas, etc. etc., as well as family entertainer David Chicken, along with Mama Chicken.

Please to enjoy.

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