Don’t Be A Running Snob

As I was gearing up for the Disney Marathon, a couple days before the race I decided to check their Facebook page to see if there was any last minute info on there I might need to know.  I decided to check the user posts to see if there were any issues people were having.  Well, there were.  Lots of people complaining of IT Band Syndrome or other injuries that has hampered their training or forced them to pull out.  But there was one lady who had something much worse – her brain.

As part of the Marathon Weekend, they also have kids races, a half marathon and a 5k.  And this particular lady had signed up for the 5k.  But a few days before her race, she was having panic attacks.  She could sleep at night.  She was fell into sobbing fits.  Basically, she was freaking.  She had never run a 5k and said she didn’t know if she could go that many miles (3.1).

Now, it’d be easy for those of us who were running to marathon to look down on her, I mean, after all we were going to go nearly 9 times further in our race.  But luckily many a runner posted many a positive response to her post.  They gave her a lot of encouragement.  I don’t know how she did, but I hope it helped.

It reminded me of the people my sister trained for the Run for Rhino’s 5k.  She prepared several zoo workers to run the race.  None of them had ever run a 5k before.  They were also nervous.  But you should’ve seen them at the finish line.  There were many tears amongst them when they realized they could do it and they did do it!

Then, the other week I saw a bumper sticker from an ultra marathoner who was saying that people who just run marathons are “cute”.  That person was a running snob.  That person did not think about all the other people who can run further and faster than him/her.  He/she should’ve realized that before looking down on others.  He/she probably wouldn’t like it if one of those tribe members you read about who can run for hundreds of miles at a time were to look down on his/her 50-100 mile race as a “cute” easy distance…like they could.

It just goes to show you that it’s all relative.  Every distance is going to be hard for someone.  Sure, with practice it gets easier, but we all have to come from somewhere.  So when you see meet someone (as I recently did) who has a 5k or even a 1 mile run on their “bucket list”, don’t look down on them…Support them.

Peace out internet!

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Be A Running Snob

  1. Agreed! Always support new runners.

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