Tour des Fleurs 20K #blog

September, 2011.  A bunch of us ran the Tour des Fleurs 20K.  It’s a 12.4 mile race that goes around White Rock Lake and some of the surrounding neighborhoods.  This is a decent event, but it wasn’t a great race for me. Don’t get me wrong, any time I get to race, it’s a good day, but this was tough.

I had no idea there was a camera present, that's how I always look when I run.

I had no idea there was a camera present, that’s how I always look when I run.

First off, it was insanely humid and muggy.  In fact, when I finished I crouched down like a hidden tiger and was disgusted as I noticed the waterfall of sweat that was pouring out of my shorts like a faucet.  Second off, I was dumb.  My sister and I took off from the start like it was a 5k.  Went out waaayyy too fast, and paid for it later.  Once we hit the hills of the neighborhoods, I was hurting.  Battling the heat, hills, and non-negative split had taken a toll.

There was on final hill once we got back on the trail that circles the lake, and I had had enough, so I started walking.  Just as I did, I heard a voice behind me, “Come on, buddy!”  It was my friend Ann.  She had run a much smarter race and was able to finish strong.  She encouraged me to start running again and I was able to suck it up and finish with her.

Proof that Ann helped me finish.  Get it? Proof? Come on.

Proof that Ann helped me finish. Get it? Proof? Come on.

The race starts and ends at the Arboretum on the lake, and is fairly scenic.  The post race party inside the park was fun.  We reunited with friends and fams and checked out all the flowers in the Arboretum.  My only question is why they call it the Tour des Fleurs.  Kidding, I get it.

The Three Fleurmigos.

The Three Fleurmigos.

They also offer a 10k.  So there’s something for everyone, or at least for people who are able to run those two distances.

Peace out Internet!

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2 thoughts on “Tour des Fleurs 20K #blog

  1. Awesome job, and I love your “normal non camera” running stance/face.

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