Dallas 13.1 Half Marathon

Here ye go: another day, another race recap.  This one be the Allstate 13.1 Dallas Half Marathon, but you probably gathered that from the title of this post.  Anyhoodle, I had another good race.  It’s much more fun to run when you’re in relatively good shape, I tell you.  Yes, it can suck getting into shape, but once you are, things are much easier.

I was going for a PR (personal record) in this race, and I got one!  My previous PR was set a few years ago at the Dallas Rock N Roll Half.  My sister and I pushed each other the whole race and actually beat Troy Aikman.  Never mind I felt like puking the entire race from trying to keep up the pace.  But that was a few years ago, and this was closer to current times.

2011 Dallas Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon With Sis. Concentrating on not hurling.

The day was the 28th, the month was October, the year was 2012.  And this time around I was going for a negative split – where the second half of the race is faster than the first half…and I was able to do it during this half.  All the “experts” say this is the way to race to get good times.  I like good times.  Only problem is that I think I went out way too slow.  I was trying to conserve and do a proper negative split, but I conserved too much me thinks.  My first two miles were right at 9 minutes per.  My last couple miles were under 8 min per.  Too big of a gap me thinks.  It’s all an experiment, I guess.

Either way I was able to PR at 1:47:43, beating my old best by 13 seconds.  Here’s the difference – I never once felt like I might puke all over my Brooks.  I was still sore and tired, but never felt the need to blow chunks.  So what does that tell me?  Glad you asked.  It tells me that I can still go faster!  I could’ve easily shaved a minute off by not going out so slow.  Who knows what would’ve happened if I had pushed a little harder the first half of the race?  Nobody, that’s who.  What a stupid question.  All we can do is imagine, and dream, and wonder, and other fantastical brain workings.


See, told ya the medal is kind of cool. Don’t question me.

Other than that, the course was scenic, but a somewhat hilly.  The weather was sunny, but cold, but that’s good for running.  The medal was pretty cool too with a little spinning thing in the middle of it.

To sum up:  Good times!

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