Hello Again World!

OK, here’s the dilly-o.  I blogged for many years.  It started as a way to keep track of my training and share my experiences from my first marathon.  Then it morphed into posts about travel, life, leisure, and whatever the hex I wanted to write about.  Then I freaked out.  Wasn’t sure about having personal thoughts all over the interwebs, so I deleted everything I had written….years worth of world changing blogging.

Scott’s 4th Emmy – 2012

Then was then, now is now.  I miss the writing.  I have always loved writing.  I’ve even been nominated twice and won once in the Emmy category for writing.  I also find that blogging every day helps keep my creative part of my head brain razor sharp.  So I’m at it again.

What am I going to write about?  A lot of it will be about running and fitness as running has recently taken over a great portion of my life.  But I will also put together some travel guides as I always have friends asking me where to go in certain cities.  I haven’t traveled as much as some people, but I have traveled more than some.  And I tend to find cool places when I do.  Other than that, we’ll see what I come up with.

I’m going to start with some race recaps.  Prolly going to go backwards in time.  So, that’ll have me start with the North Texas Turkey Trot 10K 2012.  It took place in Frisco, TX on Thanksgiving Day.  This was only my second 10K.  The first was back in June, and I wasn’t in the best of shape, and it was hawt!  But this time around I was in pretty good shape, and the weather was OK, so I PR’d by 5 minutes!

N. TX Turkey Trot 2012 – Peace out homeys.

The course wasn’t very scenic, and there were five 180 degree turns, and four miles into the 6.2 mile race, we merged with the 5K runners, and the course was .1 mile too long, but I still managed to run pretty good.  My official time was 46.23 – around 7:20 per mile!  I was happy.  Still, I wonder what my time would’ve been if those 5Kers hadn’t slowed me down some, and if the course was the correct distance.  But I’ll take it.  And from what I understand, Frisco wasn’t very race friendly to the race organizers, which I totally believe.  But I won’t get into that now.  Gonna stay positive!

Anyway, had a good time running and of course afterwards, a group of us tailgated.  Why?  Because we tailgate everything!

I’m in the background, but thought you’d rather see a pic of a Draisan (drunk Aisan)

So to sum up: good times and we definitely all got the trots!

Peace out!

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2 thoughts on “Hello Again World!

  1. Woot! Nice job on that 10K bro!

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